Saturday, 9 April 2011

Corian Worktops Features and Benefits

Brought to market by DuPont in 1967, Corian has been used for kitchen worktops ever since. Popular with homeowners because of the option to have a seamless integral sink and drainer, limitless shaping capabilities and consistant colour and pattern, the material is widely used in the kitchen design industry. Homeowners thinking about Corian worktops for their kitchen would be wise to consider the materials properties and maintenance as part of their decision process.

What is Corian?

Corian is a solid surface material manufactured from alumina trihydrate and acrylic polymer. When Corian is heated to 148 degrees centigrade, it can be worked and moulded into worksurfaces, shower cubicles, chairs, sinks and a myriad of other items of furniture. Colour runs all the way through Corian therefore chips and scratches can be polished out.

Because Corian can be moulded, worktops have no visible joins and sinks can be integrated into the worktop. Corian worktops can be produced in any depth from 13mm to 45mm or more.At 13mm considerations about how appliances like hobs will be supported come into play. Corian worktop profiles can be produced in more than 10 different styles, allowing the material to suit any kitchen design.

Corian worktop features and benefits

Corian is non-porous therefore it won't absorb moisture and is resistant to mildew, mould or germs. Corian worktops are ideal sanitary surface for food preparation in kitchens. The integrated sink, splashback and seamless surface allows kitchen users to quickly and easily clean the worktop, without food detrius getting caught in joins, under the sink rim or between the worktop and the kitchen wall.

The colours of Corian are consistent which means your chosen worktop, when installed, will exactly match the colour of the sample. Solid coloured Corian worktops, such as designer white, or bone are available for kitchen buyers who want a completely neutral worktop, while other colours and pallets are available mimic that look like stone or other worktop materials but without variation in colour or texture. There are some colours of Corian that are not suitable for use in kitchens so it is wise to stick to the approved list of kitchen colours as recommended by Dupont.

Providing you worktops are fabricated by a Dupont registered fabricator they will come with a 10 year guarantee. With proper care Corian worktops will give kitchen users many years of good service. Light scratches and marks can be polished out by the worktop owner, more substantial damage will require repair by a fabricator and in nearly all cases traces of the repair would not be visible once completed. Go here to see more information on how to care for your Corian worktops.

When choosing a kitchen worktop, it's important to consider function, style, cost and maintenance of the worktop to make an informed decision. Whether Corian is the right choice for your solid surface worktop will depend on all four.


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