Thursday, 7 April 2011

Silestone quartz worktops features and benefits.

Silestone is one of the leading brands of quartz worktops manufactured by Cosentino. The worktops are man-made, but look similar to natural stone kitchen worktops like granite. Manufactured using a combination of quartz, binding resin and pigments the outcome is a kitchen worktop that's beautiful and long lasting. Silestone worktops are a high-end product and reasonably expensive.

What are the benefits of a Silestone kitchen worktop and why should you consider using one in your kitchen?

A: Quartz is a very hard material, number 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, diamonds are top at 10. Consequently it's difficult to damage Silestone worktops, they are highly scratch and heat resistant. That said it's still wise to use chopping board when preparing food and trivets for hot pans.

B: Quartz worktops are sometimes likened to granite worktopstops, but there are clear differences between them. Silestone worktops are more uniform in pattern and colour because they are a manufactured product. They don't have the natural graining or colour variation that are found granite. Quartz worktops are also much easier to care for and maintain than granite. Compared other solid surface worktops, quartz countertops tend to be harder wearing and less susceptible to scratches or burn marks.

C: Silestone worktops are not porous, therefore won’t easily stain. They resist all kinds of household products found in the kitchen like wine, coffee, marker pens, and cooking oils. You can simply wipe away spillages or clean the entire worktop warm soapy water, making them very easy to keep clean. You should not use any harsh or abrasive chemicals on your worktop. In addition because Silestone worktops are are non-porous, there is no possibility of odour or mould contamination and they don't require periodic sealing unlike some other stone worktops - like granite for instance.

D: Silestone worktops have Microban antimicrobial product protection. Introduced in 2005, the Microban protection is part of the molecular structure of the worktop so the protection will not wash off or disappear. Regular cleaning is still necessary, but Microban adds 1 additional layer of protection against bacteria, yeast, mould, and fungi.

Silestone is not restricted to kitchen worktops, you can also have Silestone upstands and splashbacks and they recently introduces the Integrity range of sinks which means you can now have a seamlessly integrated sink in some Silestone colours. You can also use Silestone or quartz sufaces in the bathroom, as flooring or even as furniture.

Silestone worktops arenot the only manufacturer of quartz worktops, Arenastone, Zodiaq and many other brands manufacture quartz worktops. The brand you choose will depend on delivery, sales, colour, service, value or added features.


  1. I guess people get confused that Quartz worktops are sometimes likened to granite worktopstops, but there are clear differences between them. Quartz worktops are also much easier to care for and maintain than granite

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