Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Glass Worktops Features and Benefits

Glass is not usually the first material homeowners tend to think of when it comes to solid surface worktops although it's popularity is on the rise. Glass worktops have been widely used in the commercial sector for many years especially in hotel lobbys and reception areas where it's sleek, expensive appearance fits with the image the business is trying to portray - think art deco cruise liners through to modern minimilist hotels.

Modern production methods mean that toughened glass is now a viable choice for kitchen worktops in the domestic market. Read on for more information on the features and benefits of glass worktops.

A; When low iron glass is used in the manufacture of glass worktops the green tinge that comes with ordinary glass is eliminated meaning that your colour choice is unadulterated. Glass worktops are available in thousands of colours.

B; As with other solid surface worktops the best option is to have a template made of the area you want the glass worktops to cover. The glass is then cut and heat hardened producing a very tough worksurface.

C; Undermount sinks are generally used with glass worktops and you can have drainer grooves cut into the surface of the worktop.

D; Glass worktops tend to be 19mm thick resulting in a sleek, clean modern look. Because of the relative thinness of the worktops compared to other solid surfaces some thought should be given to the type of hob used and potential plumbing issues in the sink base.

E: Often homeowners or kitchen designers who choose glass worktops also have glass splashbacks made in the same or contrasting coloured glass. All of the above applies to glass splashbacks except that they are normally 6mm thick. They can also be templated to get a good fit around plug sockets, light switches and the like.

F: Glass worktops are relitively maintenance free, hygenic and easy to keep clean.

So if you are thinking of a solid surface worktop the perhaps glass might be a consideration for you especially if worktop colour is a primary concern in your kitchen design.


  1. Glass is like a sign of beauty and elegance. But to use it as a kitchen worktop? Not really all out in the idea. It's highly vulnerable to cracks and breakage. But if you're into glass worktops, then you need to take extra care of it or else.

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